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honeycomb cardboard

In every stage of our production, our attention is focused on quality.

A team of experts oversees the production process, starting from the purchase of raw materials. Each phase of production is constantly monitored, so that the result is a high quality product that meets the standards required.

Our mission, remaining faithful to what we believe in..

Our priority is to meet the needs of our customers.

GEM uses all its experience to provide the best and modern solutions in order to achieve a highly customized product.

GEM takes upon itself to insure:

- quality of raw material and quality of final product;

- the willingness to meet customer’s needs;

- competitive prices;

- the ability to dispatch orders quickly. 

Technology and innovation are our motor.

GEM’S products are the result of the technology used in each phase of the process; this allows us to have an efficient production process and high quality standards.

Customers that purchase GEM’s products are looking for a product that is: of high quality, innovative, reliable, solid, versatile, lightweight and ecological.

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We are committed towards the environment..

GEM is committed to protecting the environment, supporting eco-sustainable development and improving the environmental management system day by day.

In producing its products, GEM uses only recycled and regenerated materials and ecological glues. The production process minimizes the processing waste, which are still 100% recycled.

The company operates in harmony with the environment, by producing all its energy needs through their own solar panel system and by carrying out chemical analysis of waste water before it is discharge.

Optimizing energy resources is one of our corporate values, in order to leave future generations a world that is more liveable.


Our Customer Service, an added value for a great service..

GEM’s Customer Service is always available to solve problems and answer questions from customers.

We believe that an efficient and professional service is an ingredient of our Company’s success.



Tane di Baragone n. 4

zona industriale Galazzano  

47899 Repubblica di San Marino

Coe SM26193

Tel: 0549.900623

 Fax: 0549.953133

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